10 Ways to Show Respect to Your Customers pt.1

Getting customers to love your company is a hard thing to do. However, it is not impossible.

Except for the quality of your product, the next most important role in your company’s success is played by the customer experience that it provides. Your customer service department should be an well-oiled machine, but great customer experience should be a primary object for […]

5 Ways to Turn New Holiday Customers into Loyal Customers

So, year 2020 is here and it is time to focus on your holiday retail strategy success. Hopefully, you’re having fun time – many sales, giant website traffic, so many new customers and a lot of revenue. Everything that makes Christmas a perfect time for the normal entrepreneur.

However, now is no time to rest, because, as people say – there […]

4 Lead Generation Tactics That Are Fun and Effective

The general ways marketers generate leads is through lead lists, social media, mail marketing etc. There are also many additional ways to generate leads using more of a nonstandard and creative approach. Integrating these tactics into your marketing mix can give you this extra thing that can put you in front of your competitors and help you stand out of […]

The customer communications insights

Improving customer loyalty is the number one target of the customer service, since the beginning of it. But since the customer satisfaction depends on it, you need to level up your customer communications.

Most of the time, customer agents are too busy dealing with problems and complaints and they discard the possibility of proactive customer care – it is the ability […]

How Lead Lists (Don’t) Work pt.2

In the first part of our article about lead lists we explained what exactly lead lists are and how do marketers acquire them. Now, we will get to the bottom of the problem and see how the led lists work. Or don’t work…

How can list buying go wrong?

1. You can lose credibility with your ESP (Email Service Provider) – every […]

How Lead Lists (Don’t) Work part.1

As a significant part of the whole business machine that is your company, the marketing department runs on fuel. And this fuel is called leads. But in order for the department to do its job effectively, it needs not just any leads, but the quality ones. So, most marketers use one practice that might look like a good idea, but […]

The Three Foundations of Customer Service


There is a saying that states “The great product will only take you so far, but the great customer service will take you anywhere”. We take this saying very seriously, so we like to provide our customers with the needed help and their customers with an exquisite service – a great customer service. But what are the main principles of […]

Cold Calling: Best Practices

When it comes to cold calls and lead generation, most companies face the same problem – they don’t know how to get to the right person in the targeted company in order for the call to be effective. Often, the person that needs the product or the service is on different organizational level than the person that can actually make […]

The Building Blocks of Quality Lead Generation

Considering the ever-changing landscape of modern business and competition, it is fair to say that companies need to put some more effort in their lead generation. This can happen by using the service of trained professionals, who can have technical in-depth conversations with prospects and make around 70 calls per day. These specialists should be able to nurture a lead […]

3 Benefits to Outsourced Lead Generation

The perfect situation for every business is getting on the straight line to success. In reality, though, things are much more difficult, because of the many obstacles businesses are stumbling upon on the road to revenue. However, some hurdles can be easily avoided by outsourcing parts of your business to professionals. The lead generation department is such part, and we […]