Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

General terms

This document explains the way C Care BG Ltd collects and uses personal data of visitors of our website .  The current policy explains and arranges as follows:

-how and when we collect your personal data and what information we collect;

-how and why we use your personal data;

– how we process and store your personal data;

– Your rights to control your personal data.

All changes that may occur in this current policy in the future will be published on this page.

Since May, 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation of Individuals 679/2016 година (“GDPR”) applies within the whole EU, including the Republic of Bulgaria. It provides you enhanced data protection rights, as for us it provides more detailed obligations; detailed information on this matter you will find below in the current Privacy policy

We do maintain the confidentiality of your personal data, whilst we are providing you services by creating informative and secure website, which guarantees seamless use and access to personalized services and information to all users.

In case you have any questions now or while using the site, please do not hesitate to contact us on

All changes in this policy will be published on this web site. The current document has entered into force on June, 1st, 2016.


What personal data we collect?

The personal data is information that identifies you as a person. By definition this is every information which applies to an individual and which either alone or in combination with additional data may lead to its identification or to identify the individual.

C Care BG LTD collects definite personal data in (our web site) in regards the services we provide.

We collect your personal data as name, telephone number, email only when you voluntarily provide them. In order for you to take advantage of several opportunities (such as subscribe for our newsletter, to send a request through our Contact us form), we may require to provide us personal data.

Below we will explain how and when we collect your personal data, as well how process and store the data and how we will use it.

Personal data privacy on the site of C Care BG Ltd.

The main purpose of the C Care BG Ltd site is to be a source of information and also a business instrument, which may help you get additional information for C Care BG Ltd. We would like you to feel secure when you visit our website and that we care about the confidentiality of your personal data.

What information we collect?

C Care BG Ltd collects information on the site  in two ways: (1) directly when you provide information so you can subscribe for our newsletter or you send us request; and (2) indirectly through the technology of the website.

We can collect and process the information, as follows:

The information you provide when you fill in the Contact us form. This includes subscription for services, newsletters on the site, news. Pages that collect such information, can also provide additional details about the necessity of your personal data and the ways it is used. It depends on you whether you will provide this data or not.

If you contact us, we may save a copy of this correspondence.


Personal data When and where we collect them Why we collect them
Name and family name When filling in the Contact us form Get in touch with the client and provide the required service
Phone number When filling in the Contact us form Get in touch with the client and provide the required service
Email –     When filling in Contact us form

–        When you have specifically asked to receive news from our blog or a newsletter.

Get in touch with the client and provide certain information on required service – the request for articles, newsletter or any other content.

Your personal data will be processed from C Care BG Ltd only in accordance with the applicable data protection provisions. We need to inform you, that any accordance given might be withdrawn at any time after you send us email about this matter on

The website collects information on each visit, the pages you see and the content you get and download by Cookies.

What are the “Cookies”?

The “cookies” are text files, generated and stored on the hard disc of your computer on each visit on the site. Their purpose is to give us the opportunity to follow your activity on the site and to offer you more effective and personalized service. For example, for sites that need registration, a small text file can be saved on your computer, that will allow you skip the registration process on the next visit on the site.

Some (usually newer) versions of your browsers allow to decide whether you would like to accept the cookies or not, and some programs inform you when such file is to be saved on your computer.

If you decide not to accept the use of cookies, you may experience difficulties navigating the site.

C Care BG Ltd uses cookies for marketing purposes, personalizing the service required, site’s visits monthly reports and improving the site. We do not use cookies to extract data from your computer.

What is the term your personal data will be stored on ?

Your personal data will be stored for a term of six months after reaching the goals they were collected for. After this term, they are destroyed in order established by the law.
Do we disclose your personal information to third parties?

C Care BG Ltd shall not transfer, exchange, sell, rent or expose on any other way your personal data without your consent. Anyhow we shall keep the right to collect and / or provide to third parties general anonymous statistics for the site and its visitors.

What is the policy for “sensitive” personal data?

C Care BG Ltd does not collect “sensitive” personal data through the site.

Is your personal data secure?

We have taken serious organizational and technical precautions, allowed by the Law for protections of the personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation to secure your personal data collected through the C Care BG Ltd site. We have internal policies and control mechanism in action to ensure your data won`t be lost, incidentally destroyed or used in inappropriate way, they are only available to some employees of the company.

How is your personal data processed?

The personal data we collect is processed in accordance of the data protection provisions and the General Data Protection Regulations 679/2016 (“GDPR”).


Storage of data

We shall store your personal data until we need it to provide you with services and in accordance of legal and contract obligations.

Your rights

You have the right to know whether we have your personal data and in case we do have, you have the right to access them and to make corrections in case they are not correct. In some cases you have the right to object the use of your personal data or to request to delete them. You can advise this on the following email:

Не събираме и не съхраняваме информация за лица под 18 годишна възраст и никоя част от нашия сайт или услуги не е предназначена за лица под 18 годишна възраст. Използвайки този уеб сайт, Вие потвърждавате, че сте на или над тази възраст.

I have a question or complain:

If you cannot find what you are looking for or you have a question about the use of your personal data, please write us on

Contact a responsible person for personal data policy

In case you have any questions regarding Private policy, please contact us via email or send us a letter on the following postal address:

C Care BG Ltd

1784, Sofia, 11 Magnaurska shkola Str

C Care BG Ltd will cooperate with resolving any issues with this current document.