Technical Support

It may be called an Inbound line, Level 1 or Level 2 support, Technical Support or simply Tech Support. Regardless of the term you use the purpose of these functions is pretty much the same across a wide number of industries.

Most Tech Support teams deal with hundreds or even thousands of technical issues every single day. That’s right. They deal with those issues rather than resolve them. Being a technology company efficient Technical Support is what makes the difference between a loyal client and a competitor’s customer.

We’ve increased the first call resolution ratios of some of our customers to 97% when they were at 74% before we took the project at our call center.

How do we do that? By combining professional attitude, appreciation of the customer’s situation, thorough knowledge of the product, all possible issues with it and the right resolutions for them.

Is your Tech Support function a bit rusty? Or you’d like to focus your attention on developing your products and services, while an experienced call center handles the support function?

Then you may be interested in our Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Support Services – making sure your customers’ issues find fast and efficient resolution.