How to say “No” to your customers

Every customer can name at least one thing, which they would like to be added to your product or service, in order to make them more convenient for themselves or more effective for their personal needs. Of course, not every improvement is revolutionary or useful at all, but the customers should receive kudos for their intentions to propose such improvement.

Often, […]

Home-office agents? Yes, please!

When it comes to home-office agents, most employers take this position – it is difficult enough to supervise and coach an in-house team of agents, who are as close as the next room, not to mention if they are fa away, working from home. The modern situation, however, shows that home-office agents can be as effective (if not even more) […]

Empathy in customer service

Despite looking kind of simple, customer service is a multilayered process with a lot of specifications. The reason is customers evaluate differently what is good customer service and what is not. Of course, finding a solution to their problem is one of the most important things, bud good customer service isn’t simply solving a problem. Quick reactions, good timing, punctuality, […]

How to successfully sell customer service

Although it is one of the most neglected parts, the customer service is actually one of the most important elements of a business, and its development and growth are inseparable part of every company’s way towards success. The statistics are devastating, according to a recent survey 78% of customers refuse to make an intended purchase, due to bad customer experience […]

Self-service channels for customers – good or bad idea? pt.2

After we shed some light on what the self-service channels are, it is time to look at some wrong practices, which can quickly turn their benefits into negatives – a moment that is too often neglected and even more often a result of unconsidered self-service channel implementation.
Unintuitive interface
How many pages your customers should navigate through, to find the information they […]

Self-service channels for customers – good or bad idea? pt.1

In the era of Internet and technological advancement, there ways people can get information about everything are quite many. This is why, it’s not a surprise most companies create the so called self-service channels, which let their customers find information or solution to a problem they have with a product of the said company, different than actually calling a customer […]

The full guide to customer service outsourcing 2p.

Read the first part here – The full guide to customer service outsourcing 1p.

In the previous article we introduced you to our full guide to customer service outsourcing. We explained what outsourcing is, why you should outsource and the different methods of customer service outsourcing. Now, we are going to take a closer look at what you should look for in […]

The full guide to customer service outsourcing 1p.

Outsourcing work can benefit your company in more than one ways. It saves money, resources and a lot of stress. Outsourcing customer service is a great idea, although there is no universal solution or magic that works without problems for everyone.
But if you are ready to take the step and outsource your customer service to a outbound company that will […]

The 3 Laws of Turning Leads into Sales

Leads are a great way to attract a new business and expand on the market. However, turning leads into sales might be a bit of a problem for some companies. It might be timing or the quality of the leads, but some companies just can’t respond to leads fast enough.

The results from a recent surveys show that the average time […]

Tech Support – supporting your product over the phone

Whether your product is a software, a home appliance or something else, it needs some kind of technical support, which your company (as a manufacturer) should provide. The technical support is vital for a product’s life, but this is not the only benefit – customers like responsive support and their feedback can be quite useful whether you develop a new […]