How to say “No” to your customers

Every customer can name at least one thing, which they would like to be added to your product or service, in order to make them more convenient for themselves or more effective for their personal needs. Of course, not every improvement is revolutionary or useful at all, but the customers should receive kudos for their intentions to propose such improvement.

Often, […]

The 11 Principles of the Perfect Customer Service

Customer service is a vital part of any customer oriented business. And as a primary way to communicate to your clients, it should be stellar and complete process that provides people with positive customer experience. However, the perfect customer service is not something that happens by itself. In order to achieve such state your company needs to follow 11 basic […]

Worst thing to say to a customer?

Since most people contact customer support regarding a problem they have with the company’s product or service, it is understandable that they might be a bit irritated to some point from the beginning of the conversation. In such situation, the customer service agent should be very cautious to not cause a customer meltdown. However, there are some phrases that can […]

The customer communications insights

Improving customer loyalty is the number one target of the customer service, since the beginning of it. But since the customer satisfaction depends on it, you need to level up your customer communications.

Most of the time, customer agents are too busy dealing with problems and complaints and they discard the possibility of proactive customer care – it is the ability […]

The Three Foundations of Customer Service


There is a saying that states “The great product will only take you so far, but the great customer service will take you anywhere”. We take this saying very seriously, so we like to provide our customers with the needed help and their customers with an exquisite service – a great customer service. But what are the main principles of […]

Cold Calling: Best Practices

When it comes to cold calls and lead generation, most companies face the same problem – they don’t know how to get to the right person in the targeted company in order for the call to be effective. Often, the person that needs the product or the service is on different organizational level than the person that can actually make […]

Top 3 Things Clients Want from Customer Service

As most things, customer landscape shifts constantly. Customers’ easy access to information about vendors, and the erosion of barriers to switching among competitors have combined to create a much more challenging environment for customer service.. Moreover, evidence shows that customers no longer tolerate rushed, rude or ineffective customer service. Instead, they would rather stick with companies that provide satisfying customer […]