Empathy in customer service

Despite looking kind of simple, customer service is a multilayered process with a lot of specifications. The reason is customers evaluate differently what is good customer service and what is not. Of course, finding a solution to their problem is one of the most important things, bud good customer service isn’t simply solving a problem. Quick reactions, good timing, punctuality, […]

Outsourced corporate trainings – the practical aspect

One of the most important issues, concerning the effectiveness of trainings, is their application in practice. Gaining knowledge is important, but for a company the most important thing is whether this knowledge leads to certain financial benefits. This case may occur with both in-house and external trainings. Of course, the best case scenario is theory training, which can be checked […]

How to choose the right provider of corporate trainings?

If you have already settled for an external provider of trainings, you should know what to consider when making a choice. One way is to choose a provider recommended from people you trust and who has proven in practice that leads to efficiency and better results. If you can’t get a good recommendation, we will direct you to the right […]