Outsourced corporate trainings – the practical aspect

Outsourced corporate trainings – the practical aspect

корпоративни обучения corporate trainingsOne of the most important issues, concerning the effectiveness of trainings, is their application in practice. Gaining knowledge is important, but for a company the most important thing is whether this knowledge leads to certain financial benefits. This case may occur with both in-house and external trainings. Of course, the best case scenario is theory training, which can be checked in practice, can be applied easily, effortlessly and leads to a high scores. Unfortunately, not every training lives up to this.

In general we can divide the external trainings in two types – those that take place in a room and those that take place online. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Live trainings have a high degree of interactivity between participants, roleplays are created, there are case studies and analysis etc. But are usually one-time thing because of the high cost of organizing them. Skills acquisition, however, requires and periodical refreshing and upgrade. Lasting change of any habit is connected to a cyclical repetition of theory and practice. The situation with most online trainings is as follows – they are usually free, lack the interactivity and are also one-time thing. People gather at a webinar, watch multimedia materials and that’s it. The variety of training videos are those circulating free around the web that anyone can watch. Sure, they provide knowledge, but that knowledge is quickly forgotten unless it is applied in practice. If you watch the video of someone playing basketball, you will acquire knowledge of the rules of the game, but that will not make you a better basketball player, right?

Most training organizations in the country are very good on theory, but they lack field experience. Each market has its own characteristics and therefore not every theory will work out well in practice.

We are the only company on the Bulgarian market, which offers long-term online trainings, with high degree of interactivity and exercises based on actual experience and business cases.


We’ve cleared the learning process of all unnecessary elements. The organization and conduct of the trainings is very professional, which saves time and money. Moreover, in our online trainings we achieve both long term effectiveness and two-way communication between trainers and people who are trained. In this matter, our product is absolutely unique. Experience is exchanged and mistakes are cleared. And all this happens at the best possible price because transport costs, rental of rooms and all the nerves associated with any organization of groups of people are out of the equation, .

Focusing on a particular outcome is the key factor that tilts the scales in favor of long-term online training. If you want to increase your sales through knowledge, it would be better to acquire this knowledge from the best trainers in the field. We have a laboratory where we practically apply the theory in sales and management – what works and what does not in Bulgarian reality – and on this basis we create any of our trainings. We do not offer some product, slightly modified to apply your case. All our courses are tailor made learning solutions that provide not only the needed theory, but also practice – practice synthesized from our own experience. This means that in the learning process we will work on case studies taken from your business and seek solutions together. And since the training will happen online for an extended period of time, your employees will not have to be absent and there will be no interruption in your work process.

Our trainers are people who know how to make information accessible and interesting. Served in a way that will affect your employees. From their experience, they know exactly how much of this information will be perceived, how to present it and what to focus on in order to be most useful to your company.

We seek to provide trainings, which are great not only in theory, but also for practical use – case studies of our work, worldwide proven methods and tried and tested strategies, served efficiently. Explore our trainings and contact us to comment on what kind of training you need, so we can create your individual program for the development of your employees.