How to improve the process of decision-making – the two fundaments

Rational decision-making is not a gift, with which someone is born or few people have, it’s more of an art, which can be learned – a process that requires weighing the information and risk on one hand and the emotions of the other hand. Because, if you can’t make decisions based on your choices, the circumstances will make them for […]

Home-office agents? Yes, please!

When it comes to home-office agents, most employers take this position – it is difficult enough to supervise and coach an in-house team of agents, who are as close as the next room, not to mention if they are fa away, working from home. The modern situation, however, shows that home-office agents can be as effective (if not even more) […]

Empathy in customer service

Despite looking kind of simple, customer service is a multilayered process with a lot of specifications. The reason is customers evaluate differently what is good customer service and what is not. Of course, finding a solution to their problem is one of the most important things, bud good customer service isn’t simply solving a problem. Quick reactions, good timing, punctuality, […]

How to successfully sell customer service

Although it is one of the most neglected parts, the customer service is actually one of the most important elements of a business, and its development and growth are inseparable part of every company’s way towards success. The statistics are devastating, according to a recent survey 78% of customers refuse to make an intended purchase, due to bad customer experience […]

Outsourced corporate trainings – the practical aspect

One of the most important issues, concerning the effectiveness of trainings, is their application in practice. Gaining knowledge is important, but for a company the most important thing is whether this knowledge leads to certain financial benefits. This case may occur with both in-house and external trainings. Of course, the best case scenario is theory training, which can be checked […]

How to choose the right provider of corporate trainings?

If you have already settled for an external provider of trainings, you should know what to consider when making a choice. One way is to choose a provider recommended from people you trust and who has proven in practice that leads to efficiency and better results. If you can’t get a good recommendation, we will direct you to the right […]

External or in-house corporate training?

There are many examples and theories that demonstrate the effectiveness of corporate training. We will not discuss whether to opt for training or not, because this element is a mandatory part of the development strategy of the companies. In this article we will focus on the sources of training, comparing in-house training vs. external specialists.

Many companies have their own work […]

Why periodical sales trainings are important?

In order to be successful, a company needs to focus its efforts onto the entire staff – from managers to employees. The irreplaceable link in this chain are the salesmen – they are the face of the company, they bring new customers and future revenue depends on them. Achieving better results is directly linked to the proper performance of traders, […]

Training and development trends

Nowadays, organizations that fail to adapt their practices and solutions for training management, often hamper their organizational growth or productivity. As a result, leading companies abandon traditional training methods in favor of more efficient solutions, often involving technological innovation that engage talent and improve productivity.
Organizations are facing some critical pressure points, including lack of leaders, need to develop and engage […]

Why are manager trainings so important?

If we compare the staff structure of a company to the structure of a football team, the coaching position matches the position of the manager. Most people will say that the staff is responsible for the success of a company, but the truth is – the good manager can make a positive impact on the organization as well.
The good manager […]