Customer churn rate in the airlines

As we’ve mentioned in our previous article about telecoms – the customer churn is a serious problem, which appears to be a threat to the company in the long run, if no precautions are taken. Customer churn is the coefficient, which shows the percentage of the customers who stop doing business with a company for different reasons – unsatisfied needs, […]

Churn management in the telecoms

There is an occurrence in all industries called customer churn – the percentage of customers a business loses every year, because of the competition. The company’s survival in the long run depends on how it takes care of the churn – the so called churn management.
But there is an industry that has a higher rate of customer churn – the […]

Why businesses should automate their processes?

With the progress of new technologies, the automation of the business processes gets easier. Especially when we talk about outsourced business processes.

But what exactly automating your business processes means? By definition, it is the automatization of complex processes and functions in the business, beyond the standard bookkeeping and data processing, with the help of new technologies. The business can get […]

The 20 Most Important Metrics For Content Marketing Pt.2

It all began here – The 20 Most Important Metrics For Content Marketing Pt.1

4. Engagement:
4.1. Comments – the number of comments on any piece of content can give you a feel for the overall engagement. However, you should consider the fact that nowadays most of the conversations happen on social media, be it on your fan page or on the […]

The 20 Most Important Metrics for Content Marketing pt.1

Since traditional marketing kind of lost its touch with reality and digital marketing took the throne, content became one of the most important things to marketers.
By definition, the content marketing is a strategic approach on creating and distributing content that is valuable, relevant and consisting, in order to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. And to drive profitable customer action, […]

Guaranteed ROI with telemarketing

Living and working in the Information era, marketers have a lot of options when it comes to marketing tools. Automation systems, content and social media marketing and many additional inbound channels. But one of them seems to be preferred for both quality and quantity of results – the telemarketing.

But don’t get us wrong – the quality telemarketing can complement all […]