Guaranteed ROI with telemarketing

Guaranteed ROI with telemarketing

telemarketing valueLiving and working in the Information era, marketers have a lot of options when it comes to marketing tools. Automation systems, content and social media marketing and many additional inbound channels. But one of them seems to be preferred for both quality and quantity of results – the telemarketing.

But don’t get us wrong – the quality telemarketing can complement all of you other marketing channels. For example, to engage with contacts found on social media, to nurture leads, to generate marketing leads for your automation platforms etc. Even as a classic cold calls process, telemarketing is still one of the favorite tools of the marketers.

According to the latest B2B research, in terms of ROI, telemarketing is way ahead of the other marketing channels. Although often dismissed by many as an old-fashioned and inflexible tool, the telemarketing makes it easier for marketers to demonstrate return of investment, than other key channels such as social media, content marketing or emails.

Around 75% of respondents claimed that they are interested mainly in the quality of telemarketing calls and less than 1% was interested in the quantity of the calls. On the question regarding the usage of telemarketing, 71% percent of the respondents regard it as a powerful tool for generating quality leads, prospecting and making sales appointments, which makes telemarketing the preferred marketing channel when it comes to lead generation.

Basically, the survey showed that telemarketing can be used for many marketing functions, including cleansing marketing data, customer feedback, event invitations, direct outbound sales and channel communications. This shows that telemarketing can be very versatile and effective tool.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to metrics, the most popular one (cited by nearly 2 thirds of the respondents) is the number of qualified leads. Lead generation still remains the most important metric for marketers when the effectiveness of the telemarketing needs to be evaluated. However, the next most important metrics – value of pipeline created and value of sales made, although a part of lead generation, indicate that marketers have an increased interest in lead quality over lead quantity.

The results of the research show that telemarketing is still considered a premium marketing tool, when it comes to delivering measurable quantitative results. And if you need it done professionally by experts with years of experience – contact us right away.