Pinterest or Instagram for B2B Marketing

Although they seem quite identical, the two social networks Pinterest and Instagram have quite a bit of differences, which one way or another can influence the online marketing of your business. But let’s start from the beginning – Pinterest and Instagram are visual social media, where the users upload pictures, which can be seen from other users. The main difference […]

The 20 Most Important Metrics for Content Marketing pt.1

Since traditional marketing kind of lost its touch with reality and digital marketing took the throne, content became one of the most important things to marketers.
By definition, the content marketing is a strategic approach on creating and distributing content that is valuable, relevant and consisting, in order to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. And to drive profitable customer action, […]

4 Lead Generation Tactics That Are Fun and Effective

The general ways marketers generate leads is through lead lists, social media, mail marketing etc. There are also many additional ways to generate leads using more of a nonstandard and creative approach. Integrating these tactics into your marketing mix can give you this extra thing that can put you in front of your competitors and help you stand out of […]