4 Lead Generation Tactics That Are Fun and Effective

4 Lead Generation Tactics That Are Fun and Effective

fun lead generationThe general ways marketers generate leads is through lead lists, social media, mail marketing etc. There are also many additional ways to generate leads using more of a nonstandard and creative approach. Integrating these tactics into your marketing mix can give you this extra thing that can put you in front of your competitors and help you stand out of the crowd.

1. News-jacking – one of the more efficient ways to generate leads is called news-jacking. It happens when you create a blog, page, marketing campaign or content asset, based on a current event with great popularity. Most of the time this event is a trending movie, TV show, a performer or anything else from the show-business as whole.

The best place way to do this is on social media where news-jacking is the perfect way to join a relevant conversation;

2. Using memes – some companies use memes and custom images to generate leads and additional engagement. A meme is an idea that spreads fast online and consists of a popular phrase or a statement on some kind of a media – a video, a picture and sometimes a hash-tag. Most of the time it is a funny quote on a picture.

You can use photographs with funny phrases to advertise your products and get viral engagement. Again, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the perfect place to get creative with memes. The key is to include a call-to-action for your fans to call – to sign for your newsletter, or download a copy of your book;

3. Jingle or a song – a fun way to generate leads and create engagement is to add a jingle or a song to go along with a new product launch or content asset. If you think this is not something easy – don’t worry, there are people for everything. You can find vendors that will create it for you for a low price. All you have to do is pinpoint some key preferences and the songwriter will do everything else.

You can use the jingle in emails, corporate website, TV adverts and on social media, of course. Add a video to the song and there you have it – a great way to create excitement around your marketing campaign.

4. Using fun content – every successful company should include humour in their marketing. It depends on the product, yes, but it is a good idea to have some fun infographics, posts and even games in addition to the other serious marketing.

Create fun stuff to share with users, because such media is the best way to reach more people as fast as possible, because they generally appeal to the masses.


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