Pinterest or Instagram for B2B Marketing

Pinterest or Instagram for B2B Marketing

Pinterest InstagramAlthough they seem quite identical, the two social networks Pinterest and Instagram have quite a bit of differences, which one way or another can influence the online marketing of your business. But let’s start from the beginning – Pinterest and Instagram are visual social media, where the users upload pictures, which can be seen from other users. The main difference between the two is the way they are utilized.

Instagram is used for uploading pictures of your own, while Pinterest focuses on curating pictures and graphics from the other users. It is important to understand what the users of both platforms prefer, in order for your message to reach them and to create some popularity and activity.


Instagram lets its users make pictures and videos with their mobile phone or tablet, apply one of the default filters or alter the picture by hand, and upload it to their profiles or some other social media. People using Instagram are looking for more personal experience when following a business, a friend or a popular personality. Your content in Instagram should provide your followers with authentic view on your brand.

Pinterest focuses on curating topical pictures, which are uploaded by different users. The user searches for the pictures by topic and puts the chosen ones in a nice looking album.

Target audience

Men and women are evenly represented on Instagram, as both groups have proportional sizes in the social site’s structure. Interestingly, the audience is mainly composed of young people, between 18 and 34 years of age. With Pinterest things are little more different, because its audience is mainly female, with women making for 70% of the website’s users. Compared to Instagram, the core users of Pinterest fall in the same age, but are much less as a percentage.


According to a research, it’s easier to create brand awareness on Pinterest. Creating picture albums on a topic can help your pictures reach people that are interested in the same topic, and they can re-pin your content easily, with just 2 clicks.
However, the content you put on Instagram should be kind of unique, presenting your followers with additional (even inside) information about your business – history of your company, creating the product, anything that can be interesting to your followers. Using the hashtags you can easily get in on the conversation, but still reaching the users on Instagram is hard and happens slowly. Nevertheless, if you succeed in creating an interesting profile your effort will not be ignored.

No strategy means no success

No matter how much the two social media websites look alike or differentiate from each other, if you try to use them for your business without being strategically prepared, there is a big chance you will create a profile with chaotic upload of different pictures that fail to tell a story. Such content won’t present your company in the brightest light possible when it comes to social media. Show the users what your mission is, what philosophy you follow, what is interesting and fun in your company. Regular product pictures won’t bring you closer to success.

Think about what you want your message to be, what you want to tell to the users and which of the social networks you want to use as a marketing tool. Pinterest is the place to show the different aspects of your business, as well as your knowledge on topics that are related to your business. While Instagram will show your followers the more personal side of your brand, the story of your company, everything that makes you love your job.

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