Why businesses should automate their processes?

Why businesses should automate their processes?

автоматизация на бизнес процесиWith the progress of new technologies, the automation of the business processes gets easier. Especially when we talk about outsourced business processes.

But what exactly automating your business processes means? By definition, it is the automatization of complex processes and functions in the business, beyond the standard bookkeeping and data processing, with the help of new technologies. The business can get a lot of benefits from a well-made automatization – speeding up the process, easier visibility and audit, bigger control, connecting and influencing additional processes, collecting bigger and more exact information and decreasing the time it takes to make a decision, which can decrease the costs.

Such automatization is available for every business, but the best solution is to outsources the processes you want automated. Yes, the financial expansion is imminent, but you should consider if the process is the right one to be automated and if yes – would this be effective?


Automating your processes is an investment which may seem expensive, but the return of investment is guaranteed on the long run. Especially, if the automation is successful. A good benefit from outsourcing is that the different processes can be outsourced to different companies. Of course, there is a challenge – you should be able to successfully track several companies at the same time.

автоматизация на маркетингови процесиAutomation of marketing processes

One of the most popular processes for automation is marketing. In its core, the automation of the marketing is optimization of the process – optimizing the marketing team, optimizing the target audiences and reaching them. These are a lot of additional focus points, beyond the standard and repetitive actions your marketing team usually does.

Here are the most important benefits from the outsourced marketing processes:

  1. Cutting the staff costs – by using modern software and specialists that can use such software efficiently, you will generate more quality leads faster. The outsourcing companies have the newest technologies and modern instruments to bring you much more efficient service;
  2. Increasing your revenue and the longevity of your deals – as we’ve said before, automating your marketing leads to lower costs, which on the long run will increase your revenue. But also, you will notice, that you will have more long term deals – your customers will prefer to work longer with you, because you have advantage to the competition;
  3. Higher quality data – not only your processes will get faster, but automation of your processes will give you much more accurate way to measure your marketing campaigns. By integrating a technology that improves your process you can get a lot and different metrics for the process. This way you can notice the weak points, where you have to make improvements;

If you think that business process automation is interesting topic and that your marketing can be much more effective, you can always contact us, so we can help you with your process automation.