Tech Support – supporting your product over the phone

Tech Support – supporting your product over the phone

Technical support by the phoneWhether your product is a software, a home appliance or something else, it needs some kind of technical support, which your company (as a manufacturer) should provide. The technical support is vital for a product’s life, but this is not the only benefit – customers like responsive support and their feedback can be quite useful whether you develop a new product or redesign the current one.

Don’t underestimate technical support

It is a fact that customers will prefer to buy a product that comes with a technical support over a product without such service, because they like to be sure that someone will be there for them should the need arise. So, this makes the technical support a key selling benefit, and a big part of why a customer would choose you over a competitor. Even users that can’t find their way around a modern technology product, feel calmer, knowing there is always someone who can show them, help them and fix their mistakes.

And yes, people will need technical support. No matter what your product is – it can be very simple, easy to utilize, or you can have the most thorough manual ever, but there will always be someone who will break it or use it not as intended.
But just offering technical support is not enough. You need to build the process the right way, track it, analyze it and improve it – just as any other process in your company.

Technical support by phone

When launching a product, you will need to decide on how to provide the technical support. Depending on the product and the audience it is targeted on, you can choose some or all of the channels for support – phone, email, social media, live-chat etc. but in this article we will focus on providing technical support on the phone and why it is the most effective channel

It might seem like a time-consuming way to provide technical support, but for most products the phone call is the most effective way to get the job done and help the customer. Actually, it is the most practical way to help a customer that isn’t much tech-savvy or the product handles information that can be quite sensitive, like financial or personal data, for example. Also, phone support is the best way to assure potential buyers for your product, because clients usually have more trust in products, which support is done by a real person that they know they can talk to.

Phone support for software products can be combined with a remote-desktop feature to assure even further that your agents will solve the issue if he customer can’t do it on their own or while receiving directions on the phone. Furthermore, if your company is rather small and can’t afford providing a 24/7 phone technical support (this means at least two teams of agents), you can combine it with email support for customers that want to contact you outside business hours, or simply outsource your technical support to a professional company that knows how to handle such work.

If you provide in-house tech-support, you should clearly state its business hours depending on time zones. Also, don’t forget to track all the important metrics that assure your customer service stays as effective as possible. That includes time on the phone, First Call Resolution rate (FCR), repeating calls and problematic product features that need to be taken care of. This way you will receive enough information and feedback to identify focal points for improvement.

To sum it all up – no matter what your product is, you will have to provide a good technical support for it. It is a essential feature of every product that can attract new buyers and convert potential customers to current customers.

If you need a team that can provide top notch customer service and technical support for your products – give us a call, we can help you with your business.