How to outsource your lead generation effectively

There is a time in most companies’ life, when they need to make a difficult decision – to outsource their lead generation to another company (usually an expert in the field) or to do their lead generation in-house, hiring their own team for the job.
Yes, both choices have their strengths, but if you decide to take the path of outsourcing, […]

The Building Blocks of Quality Lead Generation

Considering the ever-changing landscape of modern business and competition, it is fair to say that companies need to put some more effort in their lead generation. This can happen by using the service of trained professionals, who can have technical in-depth conversations with prospects and make around 70 calls per day. These specialists should be able to nurture a lead […]

Outsourced vs. In-House Lead Generation

Recent studies show that 7 out of 10 companies consider high quality leads as their top challenge. When you add to this the fact that outsourced lead generation gives 43% better results than in-house, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you start considering outsourced lead generation for you business. But to get a firmer grasp of why outsourced lead generation […]