The Building Blocks of Quality Lead Generation

The Building Blocks of Quality Lead Generation


Considering the ever-changing landscape of modern business and competition, it is fair to say that companies need to put some more effort in their lead generation. This can happen by using the service of trained professionals, who can have technical in-depth conversations with prospects and make around 70 calls per day. These specialists should be able to nurture a lead all the way through the whole process and adjust to the market. But many small or emerging companies can’t focus on that aspect of their business.

But underestimating the power of lead generation is a great mistake, because if done well it can be the foundation of your entire sales structure. Whether you are doing it in-house or outsourcing it to a vendor (like us), you need to have these building blocks in order to succeed:

1. A dedicated team – many companies think that assembling a team dedicated only to lead generation is a mistake, and that is should be a part of the sales reps’ responsibilities. This is wrong in many ways – first, the sales reps won’t have the time needed to pay full attention to lead generation and second, the quality of their main responsibility will drop. Now, it might seem logical and cheaper, but it’s actually the opposite, because it takes time and money to recruit a lead generation staff and with the need of continues training, the costs can get pretty overwhelming. Plus, the results may not be what you expected. By outsourcing the lead generation to a dedicated team of professionals you can get all the benefits for a lower price;

2. A management layer – every dedicated team should have a management layer, There always should be someone that should look at the “big picture” and manage the day-to-day operations of the staff. It is a protection against turnover and also helps for the right distribution of the work volume. Without a good managerial hierarchy some people of the team may get overwhelmed with responsibilities which can lead to a drop in the quality of the leads;

3. A defined audience – every company providing a product or service should know who their target audience is. So far so good. But do you know who your prospects are? Before you take your first steps in lead generation, you need to defy the prospects among your target audience, and then take the next step and pick up the phone. You need to specify the exact title or department that can make decisions and focus on contacting them, because otherwise you won’t get past the first call.

As you see, lead generation is a valuable part of every business and it needs to be taken seriously in order to be successful. If you think that you can use our company’s experience in lead generation – contact us and we will help you.