Pinterest or Instagram for B2B Marketing

Although they seem quite identical, the two social networks Pinterest and Instagram have quite a bit of differences, which one way or another can influence the online marketing of your business. But let’s start from the beginning – Pinterest and Instagram are visual social media, where the users upload pictures, which can be seen from other users. The main difference […]

Why are manager trainings so important?

If we compare the staff structure of a company to the structure of a football team, the coaching position matches the position of the manager. Most people will say that the staff is responsible for the success of a company, but the truth is – the good manager can make a positive impact on the organization as well.
The good manager […]

Why businesses should automate their processes?

With the progress of new technologies, the automation of the business processes gets easier. Especially when we talk about outsourced business processes.

But what exactly automating your business processes means? By definition, it is the automatization of complex processes and functions in the business, beyond the standard bookkeeping and data processing, with the help of new technologies. The business can get […]

What should the manager training include?

Good managers are not born, but are made by training and experience. The deep knowledge about the product or the service that the company offers is a good advantage, but it’s easily not the most important knowledge a successful manager should have in order to be effective on his position. Management generally means finding solutions to problems and controlling the […]

How to create content for B2B audience

If your company offers products and services developed for other companies, it means you are working in the B2B field. You’ve probably read a lot about creating content and you’ve noticed that most of the articles on the topic are mainly focused on B2C companies. One part of the information is useful and valid for the B2B market, but there […]

The 20 Most Important Metrics For Content Marketing Pt.2

It all began here – The 20 Most Important Metrics For Content Marketing Pt.1

4. Engagement:
4.1. Comments – the number of comments on any piece of content can give you a feel for the overall engagement. However, you should consider the fact that nowadays most of the conversations happen on social media, be it on your fan page or on the […]

The 20 Most Important Metrics for Content Marketing pt.1

Since traditional marketing kind of lost its touch with reality and digital marketing took the throne, content became one of the most important things to marketers.
By definition, the content marketing is a strategic approach on creating and distributing content that is valuable, relevant and consisting, in order to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. And to drive profitable customer action, […]

The 3 ways to make the Telemarketing a vital part of your Marketing Mix

What does your Marketing mix contain? Maybe your online presence has a big part in it, or maybe you are a fan of the more traditional advertising with TV and radio ads. But when was the last time you thought about telemarketing and its role in your marketing mix? When was the last time you paid attention to your “phone […]

The full guide to customer service outsourcing 2p.

Read the first part here – The full guide to customer service outsourcing 1p.

In the previous article we introduced you to our full guide to customer service outsourcing. We explained what outsourcing is, why you should outsource and the different methods of customer service outsourcing. Now, we are going to take a closer look at what you should look for in […]

The full guide to customer service outsourcing 1p.

Outsourcing work can benefit your company in more than one ways. It saves money, resources and a lot of stress. Outsourcing customer service is a great idea, although there is no universal solution or magic that works without problems for everyone.
But if you are ready to take the step and outsource your customer service to a outbound company that will […]