The 3 ways to make the Telemarketing a vital part of your Marketing Mix

The 3 ways to make the Telemarketing a vital part of your Marketing Mix

phone presenceWhat does your Marketing mix contain? Maybe your online presence has a big part in it, or maybe you are a fan of the more traditional advertising with TV and radio ads. But when was the last time you thought about telemarketing and its role in your marketing mix? When was the last time you paid attention to your “phone presence”?

When talking about content, the traditional telemarketing may not be first on the list of things to have in your mix, but considering that more than half of the consumers still prefer to talk to a real person when they contact a business, you should think about the telephony and its part. Especially if your business is small or medium, you can use telemarketing to quickly increase your brand awareness, you sales etc., because as surveys show, people generally prefer to pick up the phone and speak with a human being over clicking and searching for contacts on the screen.

But why so many marketers and companies tend to neglect or overlook their telemarketing? Is it because it is not the thing in the moment? Regardless of the reason, telemarketing is an effective tool to reach out to your customers and is critical for every business.

What should you consider when implementing telemarketing n your marketing mix? Here are some ideas:

  1. The right phone numbers – this might sound like a small thing that you don’t need to worry about, but if you want an effective telemarketing, you should have an easy to remember number.
    Take as many numbers as you need, preferably – one for each of your campaigns, so you can track the results and match them together. If your target market is overseas or somewhere far away, consider buying phone numbers hat match the targeted area. Many people would gladly talk to a company with a local number, rather than making one of those international calls that are way overprices. The professional telemarketing companies use easy to remember numbers for each of their customer, so if you want things done properly – you should look to hire the professionals;
  2. The telemarketing should match your brand – according to a recent survey, around 66% of small businesses claim that telemarketing is their main source of quality leads. But if you want to say the same for your telemarketing, you should learn how to make the right impression.
    The basic things include a good greeting, software that presents the caller with a few options, so he can contact the right department for their question. Use every option to reinforce your brand – maybe use a greeting message that says something about they way your company works or about your product. Be creative.
  3. Be ready to meet the demand – surveys show that mobile search will generate around 73 billion calls to businesses by 2018, compared to the 30 billion from 2013. So you need to have everything in tact if you want to handle many calls from a campaign. A professional telemarketing company can provide the needed solution if you think that your call center is too small or overworked. Such company can provide fresh workforce, experience and many other things that can make the difference between the successful campaign and the fiasco. With a hosted solution you will also cut your costs, so the benefits are many.

Plan your voice communication content well, because the telemarketing can be one of your best and most effective parts of the marketing mix, if you know how to utilize it properly. But if you still doubt that you can make the most of it – trust your phone presence to a third party telemarketing company and you will see the difference.

And if you are already looking for such professional company – contact us and get ready to make sales.