How to create content for B2B audience

How to create content for B2B audience

B2B аудиенция B2B AudienceIf your company offers products and services developed for other companies, it means you are working in the B2B field. You’ve probably read a lot about creating content and you’ve noticed that most of the articles on the topic are mainly focused on B2C companies. One part of the information is useful and valid for the B2B market, but there are several significant differences.
The general principles of creating content for B2B audience remain the same –  be interesting, offer useful information and implement your own business plan in it. But, as we’ve mentioned, there are some significant differences between the B2B and the B2C audiences:

  • Companies put a greater significance on lowering the costs without compromising the quality they receive;
  • The purchase decision is a result of several discussions and is rarely made by one man;
  • Businesses are more logical about their purchases, compared to the normal customer – emotional purchases almost never happen;
  • The companies prefer content that is informative, but also educational – for a greater impact on effectiveness;
  • Social medias present lesser significance to the B2B companies, mostly because they won’t find their customers there.

But with such big differences between the two audiences, what type of content would be interesting for the B2B companies? We’ll try to give an answer to this question in the next few paragraphs.

Кейс стъди Case studyCase studies and B2B White papers

Generally, content that explores a certain problem and presents in depth information, from a resource with good credentials:
– case study – this type of content is a description of a research on a real or hypothetic situation (the case), observed in normal work circumstances. The result shows what complications can occur when certain decisions and actions are made;
– white papers – in business, such content is considered a type of marketing presentation aiming to convince the customer or partner, that the described product, service or method is effective solution to a certain problem.

Уебинари и лайв събития Webinars and live eventsWebinars and live events

The content that live events and webinars provide has educational character and often presents know-how or a method for cutting costs or approaching a production or another kind of business problem. Webinars are also very popular – they educate on new employee management methods or business management that leads to higher effectiveness.

Препоръки от клиенти References

References and cases

As we’ve said before, the best advertising is the word of mouth. This is especially true for businesses – they are more likely to work with a company that’s been recommended to them. Content describing solutions of certain cases and references from customers, with examples of job done well, are good channels for reaching the B2B audience.

As you can see, there are differences in the content that interests the two audiences (B2B and B2C), but the channels they use to reach people also differs. This makes the business content not only hard to create, but also hard to distribute. The incorrect targeting and usage of marketing tools can lead to lesser effectiveness of such content. Creating B2B content is actually a difficult and complex process. You can always use the service of experienced professionals, who can create and distribute the content properly and with maximum effectiveness.

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