How to choose the right provider of corporate trainings?

If you have already settled for an external provider of trainings, you should know what to consider when making a choice. One way is to choose a provider recommended from people you trust and who has proven in practice that leads to efficiency and better results. If you can’t get a good recommendation, we will direct you to the right […]

External or in-house corporate training?

There are many examples and theories that demonstrate the effectiveness of corporate training. We will not discuss whether to opt for training or not, because this element is a mandatory part of the development strategy of the companies. In this article we will focus on the sources of training, comparing in-house training vs. external specialists.

Many companies have their own work […]

Why periodical sales trainings are important?

In order to be successful, a company needs to focus its efforts onto the entire staff – from managers to employees. The irreplaceable link in this chain are the salesmen – they are the face of the company, they bring new customers and future revenue depends on them. Achieving better results is directly linked to the proper performance of traders, […]

Training and development trends

Nowadays, organizations that fail to adapt their practices and solutions for training management, often hamper their organizational growth or productivity. As a result, leading companies abandon traditional training methods in favor of more efficient solutions, often involving technological innovation that engage talent and improve productivity.
Organizations are facing some critical pressure points, including lack of leaders, need to develop and engage […]

Self-service channels for customers – good or bad idea? pt.2

After we shed some light on what the self-service channels are, it is time to look at some wrong practices, which can quickly turn their benefits into negatives – a moment that is too often neglected and even more often a result of unconsidered self-service channel implementation.
Unintuitive interface
How many pages your customers should navigate through, to find the information they […]

Effective sales p.1: The three key elements

Most of the people who deal with trading or are a part of a sales team, see the telephone as a burden – it gets heavy and uncomfortable when has to be used for cold calls. This reaction revolves around the people’s fear of rejection. Truly, not much people are brave enough to put themselves in a position open for […]

Self-service channels for customers – good or bad idea? pt.1

In the era of Internet and technological advancement, there ways people can get information about everything are quite many. This is why, it’s not a surprise most companies create the so called self-service channels, which let their customers find information or solution to a problem they have with a product of the said company, different than actually calling a customer […]

Customer churn rate in the airlines

As we’ve mentioned in our previous article about telecoms – the customer churn is a serious problem, which appears to be a threat to the company in the long run, if no precautions are taken. Customer churn is the coefficient, which shows the percentage of the customers who stop doing business with a company for different reasons – unsatisfied needs, […]

Churn management in the telecoms

There is an occurrence in all industries called customer churn – the percentage of customers a business loses every year, because of the competition. The company’s survival in the long run depends on how it takes care of the churn – the so called churn management.
But there is an industry that has a higher rate of customer churn – the […]

3 online marketing trends in 2016

The digital marketing develops with such speed that is practically unknown to most industries. The past year by itself had us witness a number of changes in the online marketing and website design.
But what will be the focal points this year? What are the new trends we should keep an eye on in 2016? Here is the answer:
Adaptive and interactive […]