3 online marketing trends in 2016

3 online marketing trends in 2016

маркетингови трендове 2016 marketing trends 2016The digital marketing develops with such speed that is practically unknown to most industries. The past year by itself had us witness a number of changes in the online marketing and website design.
But what will be the focal points this year? What are the new trends we should keep an eye on in 2016? Here is the answer:

Adaptive and interactive website

Content has always been the main point of a website, but as the web design evolves, its users evolve also, as well as Google, whose algorithm changes almost on a daily basis.
адаптивен уебсайт adaptive websiteTo remain relevant, a website should adapt to everything new. The web page should be easy to navigate, fast and easy on our system’s hardware. With more than million add-ons the different platforms offer, the competition gets bigger, which leads to lower prices and higher quality. Websites, which can change fast, according to the new requirements of the search engines, will get easier to find, thus more effective.
The customers will prefer websites that are more interactive. Content is king, still, but If you add a possibility for a personalized experience, your website will be trending. The interesting and original interactivity helps a lot for the popularization of your content – a quiz, small game etc. there are no limitations.

маркетинг автоматизация marketing automationMarketing process automation

As we’ve mentioned in one of our previous articles, online marketing processes can be automated and outsourced. This year, automation will take bigger part in online marketing. Marketing agencies offer more and more services, on which they spend time and resources to master. Modern marketing tools appear all the time, giving advantage to the companies which learn how to utilize them early. In most cases such companies are the marketing agencies. So it’s not a surprise that in 2016 marketing processes outsourcing will play a bigger role in the agenda of the businesses, because mastering and implementing a marketing tool or innovation takes a lot of time and resources. Why not outsource it to someone who already mastered it and offers it as a service?

мобилна доминация mobile dominationMobile domination over the desktop

2015 was a strong year for mobile – Google unveiled that in 10 countries the mobile traffic surpasses greatly the desktop traffic. Then they released an update of their algorithm that evaluates websites with no mobile version or responsive design lower than the ones that have. This, of course, means that this year the mobile domination will be even stronger. Here’s the situation – you can have a mobile website without a desktop website, but you cannot have a desktop website without a mobile version, because if you do, Google will not like this and you will probably lose a lot of traffic. Also, the mobile app market is getting bigger and bigger, which the role of the mobile marketing will rise exponentially.

As you can see, we are in the beginning of an interesting and dynamic year for the digital marketing. Of course, we will continue to provide you with relevant information about everything in the industry. And if you want to take advantage of our professionalism and experience, you can always check out our services and contact us.