Effective sales p.1: The three key elements

Effective sales p.1: The three key elements

продажби по телефона cold calls salesMost of the people who deal with trading or are a part of a sales team, see the telephone as a burden – it gets heavy and uncomfortable when has to be used for cold calls. This reaction revolves around the people’s fear of rejection. Truly, not much people are brave enough to put themselves in a position open for rejection.

But with enough knowledge and the ability to read the situation, every call is a potential deal, not a potential rejection. In the next few articles about telephone sales we will explain how to make this possible.  Let’s start with the three key elements of phone sales:

1. Persuasion

The most important things for the successful salesman are the way he perceives himself, the product he sells and the company he works for. A salesman that doesn’t believe in his own skills won’t be able to hide this from the customer and the deal will be off. This is also true if he doesn’t think highly of the company he works for or doesn’t perceive the product he sells as a high quality one. Having a big ego helps a lot, when it comes to sales – if you are confident in your own skills, product and company, the man on the other side of the line will listen to what you have to say, if you can communicate your confidence with the right words and intonation.

2. Emotions

One of the most important factors for the outcome of a cold call is the emotion of the prospect. His emotional state at the moment of the call controls the communication, as well as his reactions towards you and towards the information you give him. Of course, the emotional state of the prospect at the beginning of the call and at the end of the call differentiates most of the times, because the experienced seller knows how to control the situation. As we’ve mentioned, the salesman should be able to communicate his beliefs to the other participant in the call – it depends on the emotional state of the prospect if this is possible or not.
How this happens and what are the different emotions? We will take a closer look at them in our next article.

3. Behavior

Includes all the methods for closing a deal. Because there is no visual contact when it comes to dealing through the phone, this key element is quite hard to pull off. Experience is the word of the day. Professional companies, like ours, which deal with telephone sales, develop intuition about these types of cold calls and skills for controlling the communication. The idea is that the salesman should be able to sense the emotional state of the prospect and change it in a positive direction, climbing the emotions scale (more about the emotions scale – in our next article) until a proper emotional state is reached, that allows closing the deal.
All this happens through conversation – giving information, persuasion, highlighting advantages etc. The salesman should be able to help the prospect realize there is a problem and the best solution for this problem is being offered to him right now on the phone, by the most qualified man. As you can see, all this communication requires intuition, which is developed by handling different situations and a lot of experience.

In our next article about cold calls, we will introduce you to the different emotions of a sale and the aforementioned emotions scale, as well as the ways these methods can help you seal the deal.

And if you think you need the help of a professional sales team, which can reach the right customers you need and help you expand your business – take a look at our services and give us a call.