Is Telemarketing the right thing for your business?

Is Telemarketing the right thing for your business?

telemarketingThere is no doubt that in the modern world the telephone is one of the fastest ways to grow your sales and a vital part of any marketing strategy. The rapid growth of telemarketing stimulates marketers from all around the world to search for different applications of this tool and include it in their business.
But if you are still wondering if telemarketing is the right thing for your company, you’ll have to answer some additional questions first: what would you use it for and do you have the needed resources to sustain it as an efficient tool?
But let’s look at those questions in detail. First, do you have an appropriate application for the telemarketing? The application of telemarketing falls into three general categories:

  1. Collecting information – on of the most powerful tools for collecting information about prospects is telemarketing. Such information is a valuable addition to any marketing campaign and can be useful in many ways.
    For example: if you are selling manufacturing equipment or any other product that is a big and heavy machinery, you may not know who your customers are, because such equipment has a big life and may be used for many years or even resold to another company, so it is easy to lose tracks of the users of your products. However, a professional telemarketing team can create a telemarketing campaign to identify your customers and collect valuable information about them regarding the product they’re using.
    But the information gathering aspect of telemarketing can be very efficient in many ways, because info about the your prospects or existing customers brings great value to any marketing campaign;
  2. Adding to some processes of your Sales or Marketing team – the telemarketing team can complete tasks and aspects of your sales and marketing more efficiently than currently done. In other words telemarketing can do something that you are already doing, but more effectively and at lower price.
    Let’s say you have a product that you need to find customers for. Your sales team will search for customers via the standard procedure – cold calls. However, most of the people they contact won’t be interested in the product and will reject the sales pitch. This means that more than half of the calls made will be “empty” calls that bring no value whatsoever and actually add to the phone bill.
    But if you hire a professional telemarketing team, they can make those calls for you and send the quality leads to your sales team. This way your sales team will contact only quality prospects that are ready and willing to buy your product. This means less calls and less costs;
  3. Performing sales or marketing tasks that are currently not being addressed –do you have a peripheral product that isn’t doing good sales wise or your sales team just doesn’t have the motivation to sale properly?  Or maybe your product/service needs a well-scripted follow up call, that you just don’t have free workforce for? The telemarketing team can rise to the occasion and do this for you. Let them contact your customers with the follow-up call for additional purchases and information gathering, while your salesmen pile up the sales of your major product.

Now, we’ve come to the second question – do you have the needed resources for telemarketing? The primary resource is management commitment. Telemarketing is one of the processes that need a full managerial commitment to thrive. There are many decisions to be made, a lot of time to be invested, before you can have a professional telemarketing team in your own company. However, professional companies that provide telemarketing as a service can help you get on track and see for yourself how telemarketing works and why it is so valuable.

So next time you think about telemarketing, ask yourself what is the purpose you need it for and can you commit to it. If you answer “Yes” to both of those questions – telemarketing is the right thing for your business.

And if you need a professional telemarketing team to fill in and help your sales and marketing – you can always contacts us so we can help you with everything you need.