Customer satisfaction improvement by enhancing your call center

Customer satisfaction improvement by enhancing your call center

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One of the greatest illusions of the modern business is that there is no connection between customers’ call center experience and customers’ loyalty. If you are asking yourself what is the correlation and how does this whole thing work – we will break it down for you in this article.

A recent research analyzed if the customers’ experience with a company’s call center plays any role in the whole customer experience provided by the company, and how this whole experience relates to customers’ loyalty towards the company’s products and services. The results were more than crystal clear – the better the customer’s call center experience – the more it is likely for this customer to purchase again from or do business with the said company. Moreover, the chances he changes vendors slim down a lot.

To sum it all up – yes, there is a connection between experience and loyalty. And you should pay attention to it.

However, do you think your call center provides great customer satisfaction and experience? If not, here are some ways improve it:

  1. Don’t get cheap with the call center – yes, you may feel like relocating those extra funds towards manufacturing or HR or delivery departments, because the call center needs some phones and some people to man them. Well, no. As any other department, your call center needs new equipment and good salaries so agents can do their job effectively. Invest in your call center, as this will directly result on your brand image and sales;
  2. Provide training that works – deep product and service knowledge, responsiveness and genuine empathy about the customer’s problems are things that come with experience. But your agents can achieve all this with some adequate training. It’s easier and takes less time.
  3. Don’t make customers wait on the phone – the number one thing that irritates callers is when they are put on hold. Put a customer on hold only if it is absolutely necessary and never for more than a few minutes;
  4. Solve their problems adequately – sometimes, the caller would like to speak to a supervisor or a manager – make sure this happens in efficient manner and helps toward solving the problem;
  5. Treat your call center agents well – since they are the workforce of your call center, they are the ones that represent your company through conversation with the customers. They play a vital role in your company, so treating them well is also vital.

If a customer is satisfied with the experience received from your call center,  he/she will definitely become more loyal to your company. If you are looking for an outsourcing company that can achieve such results – we are at your service.