12 secrets of online content pt.2

12 secrets of online content pt.2

създаване на съдържание creating online content

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7. Visual content – the multimedia often is considered the most effective type of content, because it attracts more interest. More than half of the marketing specialist consider video content to be the one that generates the most ROI. Also, pictures and video are great ways to create natural back links;

8. Include facts and put links to sources – news, scientific proof, researches, studies and every source of facts, which you include in your content, adds credibility to it. The more legit your content, the bigger the chance you will get back links, also, the bigger the chance your readers will follow your call to action (we’ll get back to CtA) at the end of your article;

9. Find out the favorite media channels of your target audience – as much as you think posting your content on every website you find will get you more likes and shares, the effectiveness of such method is dubious. As the saying goes – if you try to reach to everyone, you will grab no one.
Find out the channels, which your target audience follows, make a research, find their strengths and how to utilize them. Social media is the best way to reach to your target audience, these days. And if you take the time to research the most effective hashtags in Twitter and Facebook, your content will get to the people it is made for;

10. Ask directly – in social media, sharing a content is considered one of the most effective ways for spreading the word on something. And the most effective way to get people to share your content is simply by asking them to do it. We’ve all watched a video or read an article, at the end of which, the creator ask us to share/like/evaluate his or hers content, if you’ve found it useful. It is a fact, that such content is shared more, compared to content that doesn’t ask the reader to do so;

11. Call to Action – aka. CtA, is a way to lead your readers towards a particular action, which you need to be done – contact you, browse your services, check out the opinions of your customers, etc. It can be something simpler, as well, like share their opinion as a comment under the article, for example. This way you create activity, which the content needs – people, which like/comment/share relate to the content and the chance to recommend you to a friend is bigger;

12. Focus on the long term – as a conclusion, we should mention that not all of the secrets of online content in this list are effective right off the bat. Some of them need time and consistency. At first you may not get many back links, likes, shares etc., but this doesn’t mean you should stop your research of the topic and the channels of distribution. At the end of the day, you will get the much needed experience, which will help you create more interesting and higher quality content, and this is nowhere near a waste of time.

Outsourcing your online content

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