Telemarketing – your secret weapon

Telemarketing – your secret weapon

telemarketing outsourcing When you want to generate quality leads, you have one effective secret weapon on your side – telemarketing.

Many will claim that the telemarketing is old as the world and it has no place in the modern marketing, but companies, that have truly realized generating quality leads is one of the most important things when you want to stay in business, will beg to differ. Yes, telemarketing is a traditional way of collecting leads, but there is a reason behind its effectiveness for so many years.

You should know that not all telemarketing groups are created equal. So, when you target your prospect, you will want to make sure that your telemarketing agents are up to the task and are as professional as your company, it is of vital importance. And if you can’t afford to assemble such a team in-house, then you can always hire a professional company that will take care of things and get you the leads you need.

So, if you’ve decided that telemarketing is for you, but creating your own team of telemarketers from scratch will lay waste on your budget, we will address some of your concerns about outsourcing it to a professional telemarketing companies:

  1.  Is the speech of the operators easy to understand?
    Many successful companies outsource their telemarketing to professionals overseas, because they get an experienced team of professionals for less cost. The agents speak the language of the country for witch they’ll provide their service fluently, without any accent.
    Some of your prospects may not be so receptive to foreign accents, left alone the fact that they may get more reserved when they speak to an agent that obviously isn’t from your company, but the telemarketing staff of most professional companies will communicate without a problem, despite the fact that they’re situated in a different country.
    Also, as we’ve said before, most of the successful companies around the world are using outbound telemarketing agents, so customers are used to talking to them;
  2. Is it a problem if telemarketing isn’t the primary business of the company?
    Some telemarketing companies provide additional services that don’t have very much in common with the telemarketing. But you shouldn’t worry about it, because the experienced ones have a different team for every service. Meaning your designated agents won’t be multitasking and will only do work that is related to your company, which will also be top priority for them.
    Also, you can benefit from the additional services that the outsourcing company provides and the cost will be even smaller, because they can cut you a deal for using one of their services already. Think about this;
  3. Can they provide reference for their service?
    Of course. Every self-respecting and legit telemarketing company will have multiple references on their website, from customers that used their services. Check those out and see if you can find useful information that will help you make a decision;
  4. Will they provide any additional value to the situation?
    A good telemarketing partner has enough experience that they can tap into, use when needed and share with you.  They will provide additional information, give ideas and help in every way with your mission, not just following your orders blindly. Basically, your role n the whole thing would be brought down to a minimum, because the telemarketing company will determine the best possible ways, tools and scripts needed to reach your goal;
  5. Is there any reporting or tracking?
    Sure. Every good telemarketing company provides you with a report – weekly, monthly or on demand. They track the overall progress of the campaign and will provide you with all the essential information you need.

If you are looking to generate more quality leads or you just want to make a noise with your marketing campaign, telemarketing is you secret weapon that will never let you down. And the best way to get the most of it is to trust a professional telemarketing company with many years of experience.
And if you are looking for such partner – contact us, we can help you with your marketing.