4 underestimated benefits of telemarketing

4 underestimated benefits of telemarketing

Telemarketing is the bestTelemarketing is one of the most vital parts of a lead-generation process. If you want to settle as many appointments as you can, fill all the seats of an event, or fill a database with prospects – look no further than the telemarketing. It’s the most direct and effective way.
But the thing is, telemarketing can be utilized in many ways, all of them profitable for a different aspect – sales, marketing etc.

This happens, because your telemarketers (internal or outsourced) have direct contact with your potential customers. Actually, they have more direct contact than anyone else in your company. So, why don’t you use this to your advantage?

Here are some of the most overlooked benefits of telemarketing:

  1. Starting from the bottom with new customers – we all have experienced the sweet sensation when our agents call a company that already has an initiative on the way and is looking for someone like you to take care of some aspects. They know what they need, they know exactly what you provide. You could think that all they need is a little nudge in the right direction and they will become your customers. But this is not the case, because 9 out of 10 times, there is already a provider that works with the said company for some time now and they are the crowd’s favorite for the job. They’ve invested the time, they’ve built the relationship, so now they have the edge over the newcomers.
    With telemarketing you can become that provider. With the help of the cold calling, you can build a relationship with new companies that still haven’t implemented such processes in their system. Think about it – a potential customer that just finds out your company exists, with only a small understanding of the nature of the problems your product/service solves won’t come knocking on your door. With telemarketing, you can identify such customers, invest time in them, built a relationship, help them set their benchmarks etc. You can become the incumbent;
  2. Generate data for key customers or target markets – let’s say you have a list of prospects from a new market that you’ve targeted. Your telemarketing team can help fill in the blank when it comes to customer data. With such information, you can focus you’re your future sales thoroughly.
    Simply arm your agents with a few key market research questions that you need answered. You can conduct your own marketing research, for example, usage of competitive products or services. In the end, you will have enough additional data to segment your prospects thoroughly and target them more specifically;
  3. Building brand awareness – if you are a company that doesn’t have a particularly great marketing presence, telemarketing can come in handy as a way to build brand awareness. In most cases, your telemarketers’ calls will hit voicemail, but with a well-structured message, some prospects will hear your company’s name and primary message, at least. So, there are two scenarios: the good – the prospects listens to the whole message, the bad – the prospect hears only the name of your company. In both cases, they will know who you are and will probably search on the internet for your website, just to see what your company’s products and services are. So, it is a win-win situation that only telemarketing can provide;
  4. Marketing penetration info – your telemarketers can provide you with information on how well your marketing campaigns are doing and if your message is getting to the right people. If you can use telemarketing to follow up on a mailing campaign, why not use it to research which marketing channels are preferred by the users and which are more effective at generating quality leads? If you can get a better idea of your marketing channels and their efficiency, you can create a proper formatted message that will have a better impact on the customers’ opinion.
    Also, you can use telemarketing to check if your experimental marketing campaign will be successful – choose a focus group, send them your message and follow up with a call to see if everything is ok or if there are problems.

If you’ve had enough info and you are now convinced that telemarketing is the thing you need to get your company going – give us a call, we will assist you with our professional telemarketing agents.