5 Ways to Turn New Holiday Customers into Loyal Customers

So, year 2020 is here and it is time to focus on your holiday retail strategy success. Hopefully, you’re having fun time – many sales, giant website traffic, so many new customers and a lot of revenue. Everything that makes Christmas a perfect time for the normal entrepreneur.

However, now is no time to rest, because, as people say – there […]

The customer communications insights

Improving customer loyalty is the number one target of the customer service, since the beginning of it. But since the customer satisfaction depends on it, you need to level up your customer communications.

Most of the time, customer agents are too busy dealing with problems and complaints and they discard the possibility of proactive customer care – it is the ability […]

The Three Foundations of Customer Service


There is a saying that states “The great product will only take you so far, but the great customer service will take you anywhere”. We take this saying very seriously, so we like to provide our customers with the needed help and their customers with an exquisite service – a great customer service. But what are the main principles of […]

Improving First Call Resolution (FCR)

First Call Resolution (FCR) is one of the most powerful and valuable metrics, because it serves as a KPI for customer experience as well as operational performance and efficiency. However, measuring FCR is challenging when it comes to customer perspective or whether their inquiry was resolved to their satisfaction.
But let’s see what exactly FCR is. According to the International Customer […]

Top 3 Things Clients Want from Customer Service

As most things, customer landscape shifts constantly. Customers’ easy access to information about vendors, and the erosion of barriers to switching among competitors have combined to create a much more challenging environment for customer service.. Moreover, evidence shows that customers no longer tolerate rushed, rude or ineffective customer service. Instead, they would rather stick with companies that provide satisfying customer […]

10 Reasons to Outsource Your Call Center pt2

6. Quality control – companies that provide professional call centers as a service strive to achieve a certain quality that they defined in their service level agreement (SLA). This means that all customers’ calls and messages will be monitored for quality. Such quality metrics like answer time and first call resolution have top priority, for example. Such metrics are carefully […]

10 Reasons to Outsource Your Call Center pt1

Big companies prefer to stay focused on core competencies to stay successful. This is why they outsource the functions of their call centers to specialized service providers as ours. Handling all the phone calls, emails and web chats in-house might seem like a good idea, but establishing a multichannel contact center is expensive. It requires facilities, technology, equipment and a […]

10 Reasons to Outsource in Bulgaria

It is no longer a matter of “What” and “Why”, when it comes to outsourcing. The answers to these questions are clear to every modern company that is successful or on the road to success. The question now is “Where?”. Companies are looking for destinations where they can take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing with minimum risk. Such destinations […]

Do you know what customers hate about customer support?

It is a known fact that the quality product is the thing, that attracts customers to your company, but what makes them stay is the good customer service. However, many companies tend to deny customer service its rightful position as the core part of any business. Furthermore, there are still companies that neglect this part totally. But no matter how good […]

The 3 Building Blocks Of Quality Customer Support, Part 2

#3. Effective management 

Not surprisingly, we already mentioned the role of management. Any team of great customer service reps would fail if management is not well-prepared and flexible enough.  Here are a few examples of what management should be aware of and some best practices they should be applying in their work:


Forecasting and Staffing

If the management team underestimates the importance of […]