Lead Generation – The Begginer’s Guide

Lead Generation – The Begginer’s Guide

B2BLeadGenerationHave you ever been in the situation, where you’ve finished work, you are basically done for the day and all that is left for you to do is kick your feet up, put on a nice tv show and just do nothing. When suddenly the phone rings and on the other side of it, someone claims he has an important message for you regarding your fridge preferences…

This frustrating situation happens to some of your customers when a company calls them following a lead. This is why we need to talk about lead generation and explain how to not turn your company in the one that ruins relaxing days for people.

What is a lead?

A lead is a person who has in some way indicated interest towards your company, product or service. Either they have asked about your product or filled a survey, or maybe something else, but they’ve acknowledged your company’s presence in some way. So, now you probably think it is a good idea to give them a call, since they are actually interested. It wouldn’t be so invasive, right?
Actually, this is the tricky part, because the right moment is never right and the actual form of contacting is always invasive in a way.

But from a business perspective, you have all the information for the lead that can help you create a unique and personalized business proposal that will start the right communication with the potential customer;

Why do you need to generate leads?

Lead generation is the process of warming up the customer to your business and getting them on the path of eventually buying. That means that you need to spark their interest in your product or service, and they will start the communication on their own.

In the whole marketing process, lead generation is the second step toward creating a satisfied customer, right before creating a customer and after attracting a visitor. The lead generation is a fundamental point by which you attract the audience and prepare it for the sales team, that will convert the quality leads to sales. So, in order to get more sales – you need more quality leads;

What qualifies someone as a lead?

Now, a lead is a person that has showed interest in your company’s product, but how exactly will someone show interest?

There are many different ways, but the most common ones are through collecting contact information that the person leaves in order to receive a coupon for a product, or through a survey that the person fills in order to download or receive a piece of content. The first way is pretty straightforward – the person wants the coupon, so he/she shows interest in your product. All that is left is for your sales team to contact the person and seal the deal.

However, the second way is more challenging, mainly because downloading a piece of educational content doesn’t exactly translates as interest in your product and doesn’t give the whole information about the person. Therefore, your lead generation team should contact the person and collect more information in order to better understand the nature of their interest or if there is any at all. Then your sales team will have the needed information to close in on the sale.

What do you need to generate quality leads?

For all this to happen, you need to have a dedicated team that understand perfectly the meaning of leads (and quality leads) and knows how to spark interest towards your company. What you need is a professional team that can generate quality leads. A process worthy of outsourcing.

Of course, if you need more help with lead generation and information collecting – contact us, we’ll be happy to assist you.