We have worked with C Care BG for six years now. They are an insightful, flexible and reliable business process outsourcing partner. With their help we have structured our customer support line and quality control of our warranty services. In addition, the professional attitude of their team and their commitment to the execution of both processes has resulted in important increases in our results. I recommend C Care BG as a partner who understands our problems and proactively suggests ways for their solution.


Based on our work with C Care BG during the last couple of years I recommend the company as a stable partner that has been capable of adding value to our business. With this reference I express our positive evaluation of our work with C Care BG with regard to a number of initiatives we have undertaken together and in particular to our current appointment setting projects aiding our sales force in their work with prospective customers. The professional approach of the C Care BG team, their precise and appropriate feedback as well as their commitment to the project have helped our sales people achieve better results in their work.


I recommend C Care BG as a highly professional team of people who are dedicated to their work and throughout the more than 4 years we’ve been working together their whole team has been committed to the achievement of our common goals. C Care BG is a preferred partner of ours for our customer acquisition and retention campaigns. Not only is the C Care BG team target-driven and keeps increasing our sales figures and quality scores, but also their management team has always provided professional opinion and help. Among other things their flexibility and time-to-response are what distinct C Care BG from their competition. I recommend the company as the right choice of provider of call center services.

Senior Manager Master Dealers - TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY

C Care BG is loyal and experienced partner, which helped us to operate really fast and successfully in time and conditions of hard competition. Because of their flexible approach and high professionalism we introduced a new financial product to the Bulgarian market and at the same time we developed a new customer acquisition channel for our industry - telephone sales. With this reference I recommend C Care BG as a stable partner, entirely committed to achieving our common goals. The company increased more than 100% the quality and quantity of our sales. C Care BG is the right choice.