Top 3 Things Clients Want from Customer Service

Top 3 Things Clients Want from Customer Service

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As most things, customer landscape shifts constantly. Customers’ easy access to information about vendors, and the erosion of barriers to switching among competitors have combined to create a much more challenging environment for customer service.. Moreover, evidence shows that customers no longer tolerate rushed, rude or ineffective customer service. Instead, they would rather stick with companies that provide satisfying customer experience, whether it’s delivered in-house or outsourced to a customer service company. On average, 40% of customers who suffer through bad customer service stop doing business with the offending company. In order to offer a great customer experience, first you need to know what exactly customers want:


1. To have their problems solved on the first call – one of the key requirements clients have when it comes to customer service is skilled agents, who can find solution to their problem or answer their questions without putting them on hold, searching for someone else or transferring them to another department or employee. They need a resolution to their problem on the first call. The problem is that companies often focus on metrics such as time-on-hold or minutes per call, neglecting the first call resolution (FCR) ratio. However, paying attention to this important metric or outsourcing your customer service to a company with the right resources and skills to increase the FCR ratio percentage can work miracles for you;


2. To be treated like valuable customers – when they describe themselves and their needs customers sense immediately when the agents is just waiting for a break to pitch a solution without having the whole information on the problem. Also, as we pointed out before, companies often focus on minutes per call metric, thus making the agent rush through calls, leaving the customer annoyed and unsatisfied. Moreover, agents in a hurry often seem rude and rudeness is something that customer can’t tolerate. We train our agents to listen carefully to customers and meet their needs – a principle that increased the effectiveness of our work with customers;


3. To receive personalized service – being treated like one of the many is off-putting for most customers, when it comes to customer service. But they value the personal touch and the personalized customer experience. It might be something simple, like greeting the customer by his/her name, or some companies like to engage at a higher level, offering additional services based on the needs, the buying habits or even the demographic features of the customer. A customer service center that keeps profiles of its customers and making good use of the data, can provide positive experience with some personal touch.


How does your organization measure up to these needs? Share your thoughts and experience on the topic with us or give us a call to find out more about our approach.