12 secrets of online content pt.2

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7. Visual content – the multimedia often is considered the most effective type of content, because it attracts more interest. More than half of the marketing specialist consider video content to be the one that generates the most ROI. Also, pictures and video are great ways to create natural back […]

How to choose the right provider of corporate trainings?

If you have already settled for an external provider of trainings, you should know what to consider when making a choice. One way is to choose a provider recommended from people you trust and who has proven in practice that leads to efficiency and better results. If you can’t get a good recommendation, we will direct you to the right […]

External or in-house corporate training?

There are many examples and theories that demonstrate the effectiveness of corporate training. We will not discuss whether to opt for training or not, because this element is a mandatory part of the development strategy of the companies. In this article we will focus on the sources of training, comparing in-house training vs. external specialists.

Many companies have their own work […]